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Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Day Another Training

Hello to KL again. Do you miss me?
I dont =P
Tired of going to KL, I swear I will have a long break from KL once I finish my training.
Somehow, KL might be fun with the FOOD.
Im a food hunter. A very very hungry and can eat-a-lot lady.
Im not going to blog much about work as it is boring. Let's blog about food or something else, aiite =)
We are stuck in Sunway Pyramid for two days. No where else we can go as we dont have a gps.
Haizzzz. Dinner time in Pasta Zanmai.
The food is not bad but I feel that the portion is too little and its pricey.
Ebi Tempura Black Sesame Spaghetti.

Chicken Katsu Spaghetti Bolognese.
 Second day... Dinner at Sunway Pyramid again.... Yay!!!! =(
We try Carls Jr. OMG!!! I fell in love with Carls Jr, Please come to Penang, Carls Jr.
The burger and the fries... Cannot describe with words. Hahaha!!!
While we are walking around after dinner, a particular stall attract us. A ice cream store. I feel that it is unique.
We just give it a try. Its A MUST TRY, people!!!
Im going back to Sunway Pyramid in my next trip for the ice cream for sure =)

This is the medium size for Carls Jr but its a large size for McD.

Aint he adorable =) <3

Crispy Chicken Bacon Swiss.

Stick Food.

(L) Watermelon (R) Grape dipped with dark chocolate and almonds
Table look messy during our training.
 A little advice to my friends, drive safely when your going back to KL or anywhere in highway. Please dont drive at night and speed during rainy days. Very dangerous as we witness one accident "live" on our way back from KL and along the way there are two more  accidents. Please be safe =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Not So Big Tomato

Monday craved for James Foo Western Food.
Sadly, it closed on every Monday.
So, we went to Big Tomato Western Food.
We just wanna try whether it was nice or not.
Fuiyoh!!! We just ordered and the food came as fast as lightning.
Everything including the main course.
For the menu part, there was not much variety.
Portion was small and I think it was quite pricey when you see the portion of your food and the price.

Watermelon Juice (Jumbo Size). The ice is more than the juice.

Hammer Cheese. Two layers of ham and in between there is a slice of cheese. Not so bad .

Mushroom Soup.

Chicken Maryland.

Wild Mushroom Chicken.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Of Work And Mostly Shopping

Been to KL with my baby on 3rd January after working half day for orientation.
For the first time ever, we are driving to KL!!!
Without GPS...
We managed to reach KL, however we lost in Kota Damansara for 1.5hours.
We can't find the hotel =(
Wasted a few ringgits at tols and finally we reached the hotel. Its in Subang Jaya ==
Next day is gonna be tougher than this as we need to find Wisma Texchem.
I dont want to be late and give a bad impression, therefore I called a cab.
WTF?!! Extra rm10 for early booking. Total for cab fee is rm30++
Finish with the orientation!!! Woohoooo!!! Time to jalan jalan.

Dinner at Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid. He said,  " See, I slide" =P

Always eat Edamame ==

Sunway Pyramid Skating Ring


The ice cream cost us rm5. Not worth it at all.

Lunch at Ikea. Meatballs

Chicken Wings

Poached Salmon

Whole Spring Chicken
Bye KL!
Im going to see you again in 12 days =(

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Want To Live Like Spongebob

Let's live like Spongebob.
He is always happy *even though sometimes it is stupid*
Let's sing song!!!!

Are you ready kids "Aye Aye Captain"I Can't hear you "AYE AYE CAPTAIN"Ohh...Who lives in a pineapple under the sea "Spongebob squarepants"Absorbant and yellow and porous is he "Spongebob Squarepants"If nautical nonsense be something you wish "Spongebob Squarepants"Then flop on the deck and plop like a fish "Spongebob Squarepants"READYSpongebob squarepantsSpongebob squarepantsSpongebob squarepants

Random Tea Time Of My Own

Tea time on a Saturday afternoon.
My tea time aint glamorous.
I just want to have so snack in the afternoon.
I go to my house nearest mini market to grab something.
Holy cow! A 1 Litre Dutch Lady's chocolate milk is rm6.30.
Mamma mia! Change my mind and buy the small 250ml instead =(
How pathetic I am....

My favorite drink. Once I drank it everyday in every single meal just to save money and lose some weight. 

My favorite chips since I was a kid. Childhood memory =)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Teddy Me Love

I am downloading IOS 5.1 and I am so bored as my bf went to work so, no one accompany me and there is nothing to do in facebook. 
What do you guys do when you have nothing to do at all??? 
For me, daydreaming. 
Dreaming *actually dreaming about our (me & bf) travel plan next year* 
Let me share with you what is my dream destination. 
First and utmost...... SEOUL, KOREA!!!! 
Anyeong haseiyo! LOL!
I found out that in Jeju Island there is a Teddy Museum. 
OMG! My love for teddy is uncountable. 
The teddies are cute!!! 
According to the information I have searched, 
The Teddy Bear Museum is located in N Seoul Tower at Mt Namsan. 

In the museum, you can find the teddies wearing lots of different customes. There is also a special section where you can find the teddy wearing one of Korean Dynasty's King custome. 

Ohhhh... I can't wait to go Seoul *praying for time to tick faster.... tick tock tick tock in the fast speed*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

So Long!

Wednesday was my last day working with Red Bull as an EMY.
What had I learned throughout the one year and ten months, to be exact.
I had learned a lot, of course gaining experience in mingling with "strangers" aka consumers, can work independently and be more outspoken.
Not to forget about the fun. Working as a sampling girl for Red Bull was totally different from others sampling or promoters. We get to participate in lots of event that I never thought of.
Such as, Hard Rock Hotel Penang first anniversary, National Day Parade and the most recent will be Red Bull Monkey Run.
It was a great experience and also a little of bitter sweet memories for working with all of them.
I met alot of great people during these period.
From the first marketing coordinator until the recent ones and also the other sampling girls. I had a great time with you all *whoever I had partner with*
Thank you Red Bull Malaysia!